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San Diego Drain ServicesSan Diego Drains offers services throughout San Diego County. Call today for a free over-the-phone ballpark quote. When you call us during business hours a plumber will answer the phone! Not a answering service or dispatch center telling you that they don’t know anything and can only send a technician out.

We actually talk with you regarding your plumbing and drain needs, Then we set up an appointment to have a technician perform the work. We can usually show up that day. Or we set up appointments for the following day or when it is more convenient.

We provide drain cleaning services and unclog all clogged sewer drains: mainline, Roof Vent Stack Snaking, branch, floor drain, mop sink, kitchen sink, bath tub, lavatory, shower or toilet by way of clean out, hydro-jet – high pressure water cleaning to remove sludge in the lines. We work with traps, copper pipe, abs, pvc, corex, french, area, yard, pool and patio drains, we auger toilets. also offer camera and location services for your drains.

Snaking is the 1st option and usually restores flow. However, for those stubborn drains it is sometimes necessary to hydro-jet your drains when there is a high amount of grease, sludge, or food stuck in the lines. Hydro-Jetting is a superior method incorporating high water pressures that spray your drain clean and clear. Other times we may need to add acid. Other drain chemicals could be recommended. Most often we snake and add degreaser and your drains are good to go.

When there are no clean-outs or non accessible, we would then snake the drain from the roof vent stack. It’s called “Vent Stack Snaking” and is usually done for mainlines. However, kitchen and laundry lines are snaked this way often enough. All drain configurations and problems are different and require different snaking methods to solve that particular problem. A proper diagnosis would point us in the right direction reducing workload.

Toilet clogs are often cleared by using a “Toilet Auger”. However, if that doesn’t work, you could have further problems down the line needing either a toilet pull and snaking down the toilet hole or closet bend secondary mainline, primary or may need to vent stack snaking depending on the particular problem. Sometimes more than one method is used in order to achieve success. We determine the best approach based upon years of experience.

We have been in business for many years now providing quality and affordable services to many thousands of satisfied customers in the San Diego County area.

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