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Poway Drain Cleaning & Plumbing services is SDP&D and we offer Drain and Sewer cleaning services in the entire county of San Diego Ca 

Kitchen clogs, Mainline snaking, Hydro-jetting, Area drain cleaning, Bath tub drain, Toilet auger, Bar sink clog, Clean out, Snaking, Urinal clogs, Reverse auger, Unclog floor sinks, Roof vent stack snaking, branch Line, mainline, drain cleaning, Hydro jetting, Pull toilets, Mop sink, clog Trap removal & replace, Re-set toilets. You name it… we can probably do it. 

Snaking is the 1st option and usually restores flow. However, for those stubborn drains it is sometimes necessary to hydro-jet your drains when there is a high amount of grease, sludge, or food stuck in the lines. Hydro-Jetting is a superior method incorporating high water pressures that spray your drain clean and clear. Other times we may need to add acid. Other drain chemicals could be recommended. Most often we snake and add de-greaser and your drains are good to go.

Poway Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Cares

When there are no clean-outs or non accessible, we would then snake the drain from the roof vent stack. It’s called “Vent Stack Snaking” and is usually done for mainlines. However, kitchen and laundry lines are snaked this way often enough. All drain configurations and problems are different and require different snaking methods to solve that particular problem. A proper diagnosis would point us in the right direction reducing workload.



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