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Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting your drains is sometimes necessary especially if your have grease or black sludge lodged in your pipes. We provide complete drain cleaning & hydro jetting services throughout San Diego County. Simply call for a free no nonsense over-the-phone ball-park quote on what it should take to clear and clean your drains. We are fully equipped with the latest drain cleaning equipment and are knowledgeable on how to diagnose your problem over the phone with accurate answers from you.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jet services include but not limited to: unclogging all clogged sewer drains, mainline, Roof Vent Stack Snaking, branch, floor drain, mop sink, kitchen sink, bath tub, lavatory, shower or toilet by way of clean out, hydro-jet – high pressure water cleaning to remove sludge in the lines. We work with traps, copper pipe, abs, PVC, corex, french, area, yard, pool and patio drains, we auger toilets. also offer camera and location services for your drains.

Most often the kitchen sewer drain needs hydro jetting because of grease and soap scum which in many cases ties into the line with build up lint. Grease and lint combined contribute to most clogged drains. So when jetting the kitchen, you receive the benefit of cleaning the laundry line at the same time and with a one time one drain charge.

Drain Technicians

San Diego Hydro Jetting Drain Services – SDP&D has been in business for many years providing quality and affordable service to thousands of satisfied customers in the San Diego County. We are knowledge to other plumbing and drain companies here in San Diego. So, if you require work that we cannot get to right away or do not specialize in such as remodels, re-pipes, re-route, slab leaks, etc… we will refer you to them. This should help guarantee that you’ll receive help from an experienced professional whom offers quality work and reasonable rates as well.





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